We're in the snacking business, and we make all kinds of snacks that taste great. Our Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips are just the right shape and size for dipping, dunking, and loading up with toppings. They are thick enough not to break even under the most extreme snacking conditions, so feel free to pile it on. Manufactured with white and yellow corn grown right here in the Midwest, our chips cater to any serious tortilla chip craving and deliver with a satisfying crunch.

Looking for whole grains? Our Multi-Grain Tortilla Chips fit the bill perfectly. Use them in nacho recipes, pair them up with guacamole, or serve alongside your favorite black bean dip. It's multi-grain and great taste together at last and you're going to love the endless possibilities.

Sure, we've got all the conventional tortilla chips, the tried and true classics that are always favorites for appetizers, tailgating recipes and party snacks, but what about something for those with an intense craving to be different? We've got snacks to satisfy that demand too. Cheesy Bean Burrito, Jalapeno Cheddar, Tomato Cilantro, Pepperoni Pizza, and Bacon & Blue Cheese Tortilla Chips are all guaranteed to delight your taste buds. Your snacking dilemmas have just been solved.

Current Lineup:

 Fiesta Crunch White Restaurant  Fiesta Crunch Yellow Corn  Fiesta Crunch Multi Grain  Bacon and Blue Cheese Fiesta Crunch Cheesy Bean Burrito  
 Restaurant Style  Yellow Corn  Multi Grain  Bacon & Blue Cheese  Cheesy Bean Burrito  
Fiesta Crunch Jalapeno Cheddar Nacho Cheese Ranch  Spinach Artichoke Fiesta Crunch Tomato Cilantro  
Jalapeno Cheddar Nacho Cheese  Ranch Spinach Artichoke Tomato Cilantro